Our SIP panel factory uses the latest certified equipment that meets all standards, so we ensure that SIP Land panels are of the highest quality. SIP panels are used to install the exterior walls, interior partitions and roof structures of your chosen building. It is a modern construction method that breaks traditional construction standards.

The materials from which SIP panels are made are also certified and of the highest quality, so choosing construction from them – you will be environmentally friendly, as there are no harmful effects during production or operation. These are not only SIP panels with very good thermal properties, but also a very strong construction of the building, withstanding high loads, characterized by resistance to moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, our SIP Land panels are guaranteed for 50 years.

Used for the production of panels:

  • Egger OSB3 boards
  • EPS100 polystylene foam or neopore
  • Killto one-component polyurethane adhesive

Production process:

  • Cutting of polystyrene foam
  • Bonding of OSB3 boards and polystyrene foam
  • Panel pressing
  • According to the technical project – panel cutting
  • Milling of SIP panels
  • Assembly and preparation for transportation

Production terms:

For a medium-sized house, the panels in our factory are made in just a few days.

Apply individually for production deadlines.