We perform all construction work. We build passive houses or other purpose buildings. The SIP technology we use in the construction of the building meets the highest requirements. For those looking for quality, we recommend contacting.

Our services:

  • Production and installation of SIP Land panels
  • Foundation installation
  • Introduction of engineering networks
  • Floor concreting
  • Installation of windows and doors
  • Installation of partitions
  • Roofing and facade work
  • Internal engineering networks
  • Indoor interior
  • Other works

When choosing a SIP panel construction, you are not constrained by any restrictions, either on the facade of the house or on the interior.

We provide a 20-year warranty for the construction of the house from SIP Land panels.

We can provide instructions and provide the necessary assistance to help you assemble the SIP panel kit yourself. For those who want to save, are able and have time, this is a great solution.