SIP Land M1

Garden house or office house 18 m2


We can adjust the size, layout or thickness of the panels according to you.



SIP panel kit

4500 Eur

  • 224mm SIP panels (floor, roof)
  • 124mm SIP panels (wall)
  • SIP splines
  • Structural wood
  • Fasteners





SIP panel BOX

7000 Eur

  • Pole foundations
  • Installed set of sip panel kit






Partial finishing

12600 Eur

  • SIP box
  • Roofing
  • Windows, doors
  • Facade decoration
  • Electrical installation
  • Internal GKP walls and ceilings are installed




Full finish

From 14000 Eur

  • Partial finishing
  • Indoor interior

When ordering a full finish, ask for more detailed information.






  • Delivery is not included in the price