SIP (structural insulation board) is a three-layer construction product consisting of two oriented strand boards (OSB) and polystyrene foam glued in the middle. Combining Sip panels into one whole, we get a very strong and thermally insulated construction with exceptional load-bearing properties, good resistance to crushing, bending and, most importantly, thermal insulation performance.

Achieving high energy efficiency with SIP technology is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way. The whole construction of your passive house will be thinner and at the same time warmer, compared to traditional construction methods, it will use less resources, does not require any heavy equipment or complex construction work. It is an innovative choice that breaks all construction standards.


  • Ecological product
  • Easily achievable highest energy efficiency class A, A +, A ++
  • Economical, low energy consumption
  • Strong, high-quality, airtight and durable construction
  • The solid wall construction does not cause cracks in the long run
  • Lightweight construction withstands heavy loads
  • SIP panels are resistant to external factors
  • Very good thermal insulation properties
  • SIP panels trap fire and prevent it from expanding
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • A fast, easy and efficient way to build
  • Unlimited construction and installation options
  • No construction waste
  • Construction is also possible in winter
  • Easy way to transport
  • Short construction deadlines
  • Good price
  • Low operating costs

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