We will provide professional assistance in all projects and design


We produce high-quality SIP panels


We export SIP Land panels to all countries of the world


We build passive houses or other purpose buildings from SIP Land panels


  • Ecological product
  • Easily achievable highest energy efficiency class A, A +, A ++
  • Economical, low energy consumption
  • Strong, high-quality, airtight and durable construction
  • The solid wall construction does not cause cracks in the long run
  • Lightweight construction withstands heavy loads
  • SIP panels are resistant to external factors
  • Very good thermal insulation properties
  • SIP panels trap fire and prevent it from expanding
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • A fast, easy and efficient way to build
  • Unlimited construction and installation options
  • No construction waste
  • Construction is also possible in winter
  • Easy way to transport
  • Short construction deadlines
  • Good price, low operating costs